DH Team Ltd Driver Hire Operator Requirements

Think of and consider your recruitment plans by future proofing you and your companies’ operation.

The majority of the DH Team’s management including myself, hold the International Transport Managers CPC, to make us compliant and keeps us up to date with any new regulations.

We can hire ourselves as temporary transport managers while you are applying for more vehicles and interviewing for a full-time manager to be in place. Think of the benefits this can bring while you choose the right person.

Working with DH Team we can bring success and growth for your business.

These are some of the reasons operators work with DH Team Ltd driving force. Lots of experienced drivers are leaving the industry for many reasons or retiring leaving the industry short of drivers.

One of our aims is to assist operators to have plenty of drivers to keep the industry buoyant and help companies grow.

Working together as a team, building a professional and working relationship together.

Are you in need of the following?:

  • Coach drivers
  • Service drivers
  • Relief cover minibus drivers
  • Sporting event drivers
  • School contract drivers
  • Rail replacement
  • Airport transfers
  • Airside driver requirements
  • Private hire
  • UK and European tour drivers

We cover all sickness and holiday to not leave you short.

What have you got to lose? Get the stigma out of using agency drivers.

We have invested in a training academy DHTA for the future. See our training academy tab on the home page.

Del Haggerty
Managing Director
Phone: 01392 427779
Mobile: 07719 565447
Email: del@dhteam.uk

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