Driver Grant Scheme for 2024

DH Team Ltd, LGV and LCV driver agency and specialist in the PCV industry

The DH Team grant scheme for 2024

This scheme assists operators to commit to full time employment for drivers. This industry incentive attracts drivers and operators to work together.

The LGV and PCV industry has a shortfall of drivers and this scheme helps hauliers and coach operators back to full staffing strength thus futureproofing your company.

Working hand in hand with DH Team Ltd, with all our years’ experience as a specialist driving agency and recruiter in the UK, we are here to help and explain the way we can help.

How does it work?

  • Hire 1 driver for a period of 12 weeks and on the 12th, week receive £125.00 plus VAT off your invoice
  • Shift patterns vary for the week. Depending on what day they start on

Certain criteria apply:

  • No gap weeks allowed
  • All drivers employed by DH Team Ltd
  • Drivers to be fully insured by the operator
  • Payment must be received in full 7 days from date of invoice
  • Late or non-payment for 1 week will void your grant scheme
  • Signed agreement between DH Team Ltd and the operator
  • No self-employed or limited company drivers
  • Easy compliant scheme that works with the HMRC on IR35
  • Working together creating jobs for drivers and operators

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