HMRC IR35 – The Financial Gains

HMRC IR35 – The benefits as the operator.

HMRC IR35 rules have caused confusion for many businesses. The following list will explain the benefits when using DH Team Ltd employed driving team.

We will show you how to save money and why using our drivers helps with your business and growing your driver staff.

HMRC IR35, what it really means for operators:

  • No self-employed or limited company drivers
  • No umbrella payroll

At DH Team Ltd we supply you with an employed driving team. You have complete control of every driver.

All these benefits by DH Team Ltd:

  • Employer tax contributions
  • Employer NI contributions
  • Employer pension contributions
  • Employer holiday contributions
  • Employer holiday shortages
  • Employer maternity contributions
  • Employer paternity contributions
  • Employer tribunal costs
  • Reclaimable tax invoice
  • 100% VAT reclaimable
  • In-house own recruitment team we recruit for you
  • Driver shortage solution we employ and replace
  • £7500 invested back in your company for each driver

DH Team Ltd helps your business free up extra finances. You get none of the above when failing to comply with HMRC IR35 rules!

Please be aware your company is 100% liable to HMRC. We say that staying compliant enhances fair trading, your minimum savings per driver each year would be £7500.00.

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