We Are Now In Our 19th Year of Business and Couldn’t Be Prouder on What We Have Achieved Over Those Years

As we celebrate our 19th year in business and the challenges we had to deal with, we always come through it learning many lessons on our journey.

We are very proud to be members of some of the leading recognised industry standards such as:

  • CPT
  • RHA
  • Recognised member of the DVSA (formerly JAUPT) to deliver our driver CPC

We supplied the drivers for the QATAR world cup teams which put us on the international pedestal. A great success and building overseas relationships.

Despite the confusion about HMRC IR35 we remain IR35 compliant. We employ all our drivers on our own payroll and not using an umbrella style format.

We accommodate drivers and create personal packages to our clients, discussing and solving operator’s driver hire requirements.

Why should you use us or why aren’t you using DH Team Ltd for your driver hire? We are proud of our drivers, we believe in what we do works and so do the many operators who use us regularly.

When working for DH Team Ltd as a driver you are fully employed by us and all the benefits you expect with being employed.

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